Zcloud Data Solutions provide top most data security and storate facilities.


ZCloud Data Solutions

Server & Storage

To provide great advantage by adding efficiency to business processes by solving problems with our Technology Services.

IT Support Services

Our customers have the right to unlimited calls and on-site support within the scope of the agreement.

Desktop & Server

Our server virtualization, workforce mobility platform enables end users to access their data and applications from any device

Network & Security

The security of IT infrastructures of institutions is an important subject of expertise and professional protection of data security.

Cloud Services

A copy of our customers’ Business Critical Systems is the provision of service in IT Cloud Cloud technologies.

Tracing Solutions

With our IT Cloud Monitoring service, we monitor the entire infrastructure of our customers by setting alarms.


Best Data Analytics Solutions

Let’s analyze data science with the right strategies.

Data Science

Collecting, analyzing and reporting data in a single structure using ready-made data science models with sectoral experiense.

Artificial Intellegience

A service that enables you to process data in the most efficient way and discover new business models with artificial Intelligence technologies.

Machine Learning

We facilitate business planning and workflow by managing data in the most effective way with machine learning technologies.

Data Security

We protect your data with a security strategy. Data provides a critical foundation for all of your organization's operations.


Why Choose Zcloud Data Services

Trusted By The World’s Largest Organizations for Security

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Provide Advanced Security for Advanced Threat

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