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Top 10 High CPU queries and details

When you would want to know what query in SQL Server may be causing high CPU spikes…continue reading

Jun 29, 2020

### Create Non-Cluster Index on multiple columns

There was a requirement to create Non-Cluster Index on multiple columns in 200 tables!!! Crazy!!! isn’t it? Can we automate this process? ***Yes –We can using SQLCMD & T-SQL …Continue

### Convert file type using CMD

Home – High on SQL!!! Hi All,I had a request where there were more than a thousands dat files to be imported to the SQL Server. First, i converted those

### Error Handling in the SQL Code

Home – High on SQL!!! I would suggest developer for coding in couple scenario in order to capture actual error while script deployment especially when we execute a query that

### Why would i think about DevOps???

User must access to login in order to continue…reading

Jun 27, 2020