My Name is Zahid Ahamed, and I am very passionate about Microsoft Azure, AWS RDS SQL Server, MySQL Server, NGINX Web Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Server.  I am also very fortunate that throughout my career that I’ve worked with some incredibly smart people, including other DBA’s, Business Intelligence gurus, and yes, even Developers. They teach me probably more than I teach them.


Website/Database Development: I have been developing and administering Microsoft SQL Server since 2012, beginning with SQL Server 2005. I am working full time as a IT Specialist, Systems Programmer, or Website Developer for more than 7 years, and have been programming and consulting as a website developer since 2012

My recent work has been with SQL Server 2019, 2016 and 2014, 2012 (SSRS, DB Engine, SSIS) developing and optimizing for and administering large databases. 


I work with Technology for what it can do for people. The rest of the time I do with as little of it as possible. I volunteer for a variety of causes, as I am able, and I belong to several local community groups. When not consulting, I am developing Website using NGNIX, Linux, Word Press, MySQL and Microsoft SharePoint. It is currently at a proof-of-concept stage running on my private cloud server. My work as a professional developer began in 2012 while working as an IT technician as I transitioned into to systems programming and then applications programming and eventually Database Development and Administration. 


The thoughts, opinions, and advice presented in this blog are all my own, and don’t reflect the company I work for. While I love working with different people and companies, things I blog about here are all done on my own time, and for the benefit of my own learning and development as well as knowledge sharing with the greater technical community.



Zahid Ahamed

Information Technology Specialist