ZCLOUD TECHNOLOGY offering cloud based services & unlimited web site hosting as well as many more information sites for different sectors. ZCLOUD TECHNOLOGY seeks to provide specific web site development and administration services to clients as needed, when needed and also provides unparalleled services in Information Technology to support small and mid-sized business. ZCLOUD TECHNOLOGY managing all aspects of IT infrastructure design and support, managed services, resolve IT issues, to compliance, privacy and security, to IT operations in the cloud and on-premise, implementation, administration and support process to ensure the availability, operability and stability of data assets.

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About Me

My Name is Zahid Ahamed, and I am very passionate about MySQL Server, NGINX Web Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server & SQL Server.  I am also very fortunate that throughout my career that I’ve worked with some incredibly smart people, including other DBA’s, Business Intelligence gurus, and yes, even Developers. They teach me probably more than I teach them. 

This blog exists for me to:

Share musings and thoughts about things in NGINX Web Server, MySQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server & Microsoft SQL Server

Provide a way for me to contribute to the Microsoft SQL Server Community

Promote some of my code solutions to anyone who wants to try them for automation

A gateway to connect with other IT professionals

Recognized as a key contributor and change agent with a record of generating immediate as well as sustainable process improvements, leading teams through large complex technical deployments and executing long-term strategic initiatives on time and under budget

Extremely detailed, problem solving, developer, who can contribute new ideas and bring technical skills to the team

Works together with members of the team in a joint effort to produce quality results in a deadline oriented environment

In particular, I love automating SQL Server Administrative tasks using T-SQL and especially Windows Batch, PowerShell & SQLCMD

Delivering best-in-class infrastructure solutions, and ingraining technology into the strategic planning process

Strong in project design, implementation, and training of individuals

Quick to learn new technology and gathers resources to complete tasks  

Experience Website/Database Development:
I have been developing for and administering Microsoft SQL Server since 2012, beginning with SQL Server 2005. I am working full time as a IT Specialist, Systems Programmer, or Website Developer for more than 7 years, and have been programming and consulting as a website developer since 2012My recent work has been with SQL Server 2016 and 2014, 2012 (SSRS, DB Engine, SSIS) developing and optimizing for and administering large databases. Area of specialization includes–Ever since 2012, I’ve been using tuning, configuring, automating, breaking, fixing, and continually learning about Microsoft SQL Server. From humble beginnings with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, I’ve enjoyed the ride and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn new things. But I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned along the way, tooExpertise on MySQL Server both Linux and Windows platformExpertise on NGINX Web Server, PHP MyAdminExtensive knowledge in architecting, designing and administering DR soulutions Expertise in apply Security Technical Implementation Guide(STIG) using SQLCMD & PowerShellExcellent Team player, attention to detail, strong analytical and problem solving skills as well as strong interpersonal skills and managing large OLTP and OLAP Databases in 24X7 in Production, Test and Development environment

Licenses & Certifications:
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator 2008Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: SharePoint 2010, Configuration
Microsoft Certified IT Professional: SharePoint Administrator 2010Certified
CompTIA Security + SY0-501
Certified CompTIA Cloud + CV0-002
CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional 

Personal: I work with Technology for what it can do for people. The rest of the time I do with as little of it as possible. I volunteer for a variety of causes, as I am able, and I belong to several local community groups. When not consulting, I am developing Website using NGNIX, Linux, Word Press, MySQL and Microsoft SharePoint. It is currently at a proof-of-concept stage running on my private cloud server. My work as a professional developer began in 2012 while working as an IT technician as I transitioned into to systems programming and then applications programming and eventually Database Development and Administration.  

Policy: The thoughts, opinions, and advice presented in this blog are all my own, and don’t reflect the company I work for. While I love working with different people and companies, things I blog about here are all done on my own time, and for the benefit of my own learning and development as well as knowledge sharing with the greater technical community. 

Zahid Ahamed
Microsoft Certified Information Technology Specialist

Zahid’s Blog

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Emai: sagar_zahid@yahoo.com